YouTube Hires 10,000 People To Aid In Video Monitoring Due To Adsense Kerfuffle (REACTION)

YouTube is hiring more people to help curb videos that violate its policies. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said “some bad actors are exploiting” the Google-owned service to “mislead, manipulate, harass or even harm.”

Google will have more than 10,000 workers address the problem by next year, though her blog post Monday doesn’t say how many the company already has. Spokeswoman Michelle Slavich said Tuesday that some have already been hired, and the team will be a combination of employees and contractors.

On the flip side, the hiring spree will aid in correcting inappropriately given “low-monetization” or “demonetization” flags. Many creators on YouTube have complained about the automated system giving removing ads from their video when their content does not actually violate any of YouTube’s Terms of Service. The new addition to YouTube’s “task force” should also have the effect of restoring advertiser confidence. Many large advertisers had pulled out of YouTube over fears of being associated with inappropriate content.







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