Tips to Succeed in International Trade

The Trade Brokers Diaries
The Next in the Series of Videos on Import Export and Self Employment in the 21st Century.

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This video provides insights on dealing with the real world of human relationships in international trade.

This video is from the second season around 2011 and is a re-post from our other YouTube channels.

If you live in the USA,visit the CDC website to find out about health alerts before traveling abroad. go to :

The India Department of Commerce:

UK Department of Commerce :

US Department of Commerce:

US Import Export Bank

African Export-Import Bank
The African Export Import Bank is an International bank headquartered in Cairo, Egypt. It was established in 1993 by African governments, African private and institutional investors

Japan Bank for International Cooperation

Overseas Private Investment Corporation

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Part 1 of an original series on the world of Import export for newbies and stay at home workers, produced by Muhammad Bey, part one details how to set up shop at home and what kind of thinking you need to bring to the table to be a success at Import Export.

The Second in a series of Videos on how to Make Money in International Trade

Part 3 of an original series on the world of Import export for newbies and stay at home workers, produced by Muhammad Bey, part three continues by discussing records keeping, marketing, ways to make payments and ways to make sales through different mediums such as wholesalers, retailers and sales companies.

The Fourth in a Series of Videos on Making money in International Trade, This video deals with way to sell your products to waiting Buyers

Part 5 , parts 1 and 2


The Final Episode of the How to Make Money In Import Export , with Muhammad Bey
Detailing lists of resources you can use to promote international trade from home as an Entrepreneur.
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Self Employment and Import Export

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