The Fake News Media’s Russiagate Hit Pieces are Forcing Trump to Start World War 3

It’s looking more and more like President Trump has made a compromise with the establishment neocons. Steve Bannon looks to be on the way out, hostilities with Syria and Russia appear inevitable, and Trump is backing away from additional campaign promises every day.

It’s important that we understand the role of the Fake News Russiagate hit pieces in all of this. The Russia hysteria, coupled with “Resistance” across the board — in the media, in Congress, and in the courts — has forced Trump’s hand. He can either compromise with the establishment, or he can watch the country collapse before his eyes and get blamed for it. He is choosing war.

The Russiagate hit pieces are the deep state’s way of creating leverage against Trump. Three such hit pieces dropped last night, shortly after Trump declared that the United States would not invade Syria. These articles were almost certainly pre-written and published as punishment. The deep state’s way of getting back at Trump for taking a position they don’t like.

It’s important that we understand these mechanics and fight back against the fake news. We need to inform as many people as we can about the way in which the propaganda media act like gangsters, using hit pieces as blackmail to compromise our elected representatives.

Until we do this, we will not be a free nation.

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