The Bitcoin Group #159 – ICO Bans – Hard Forks – Mainstream Finance – Russian Ban?

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South Korea bans raising money through initial coin offerings

The Head of the SEC Is ‘Concerned’ About ICO Pump-and-Dumps – CoinDesk

NO2X Is the New UASF: Bitcoin’s New Anti-Big Block Movement Gains Steam – Bitsonline

Xapo: You Can Have Your Bitcoin Cash, but We’re Not Supporting It – Bitsonline

LocalBitcoins to Compensate Users for ‘Bcash’ Holdings, Will Not Support Future Forks

Mad Bitcoins [NO2X] on Twitter: “Day 1 – Suggested #NO2X action: Retweet and change your twitter handle to [NO2X] use #NO2X to express your thoughts and create memes.

Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee Publicly Opposes SegWit2x

Bitcoin Price Value Drops After Jamie Dimon Calls it a ‘Fraud’ |

Early bitcoin investor Palihapitiya declares ‘nobody can stop it’

Bitcoin price is unlike tulip bubble, Macquarie analysts say – Business Insider Deutschland

Forecaster Gerald Celente: Banks Are Afraid of Bitcoin – CoinDesk

Russia Likely to Ban Bitcoin Payments, Deputy Finance Minister Says – CoinDesk

China’s bitcoin market alive and well as traders defy crackdown

Gas Stations should accept Bitcoin & Lightning

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