Sheryl Sandberg’s Russia Talk Is An Insult To Your Intelligence

In an article penned by Business Insider’s Linette Lopez, the writer says anyone who caught Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s interview with Axio’s “should be disgusted.” In the interview Sandberg expressed regret that Face Book didn’t find out sooner about Russia using FB to spread fake news and propaganda across the web, before the 2016 election. Lopez is calling “shigaddy” on Sandberg, citing warnings that had been on the radar since 2011. Lopez writes, “to be fair, connecting the dots that Russia may have a plan for the US presidential election would require one to pay attention. So let’s say Facebook wasn’t. That’s gross negligence. To ignore that the people purchasing space on Facebook were pushing Putin’s lies and distortions, on the other hand, is beyond that — it’s willful ignorance and a stunning display of greed.”

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