Keeping Your Event Attendees Returning

Planning any event or festival can be a challenge. Just like all businesses, you need to have a good plan of action, be well staffed, and accommodate the needs of your guests. Whether hosting a fundraiser or trying to earn a profit, the following tips will help you keep your attendees returning year after year.

Develop a Plan of Action

Every business needs a mission statement stating their goals and how they plan to accomplish them. Do the same thing for your event. Put in writing exactly what it is you wish to achieve. Are you trying to turn a profit? Are you trying to raise money for a charity? Once the goal is determined, create a plan describing how you can reach it. Include details such as the theme of the event, activities you will have, and the type of entertainment you will need.

Be Well Staffed

The best-laid plans will fail if you don’t have enough people helping you. Being short staffed results in disgruntled patrons. Lines for activities and food will be longer, it will be harder for guests to find employees to answer questions, and the overall effect will be chaos. Interview workers the same way you would for any business. Hire suitable applicants, and place them in jobs they will flourish at.

Portable shower

Accommodate Your Guest’s Needs

When planning your event, think about your guest’s needs. If you were attending, what would you want? Provide enough seating for the entertainment as well as tables and chairs if a meal will be served. Have plenty of portable restrooms available along with mobile ada showers for those staying overnight. Use some of your employees or volunteers to help direct traffic, and have parking areas clearly marked.

Take the challenge out of planning your next event or festival by using these tips to keep attendees happy. Happy guests will return year after year once they discover the time and effort you put into satisfying their needs.

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