Is the Media Wrong about Tesla and Elon Musk? [highlight]

Elon Musk and The Media recently have been fighting over “fake news” – Let’s see what is really going on here and if we can connect the dots. Join our community of Tesla fans at

// Model 3 Brake Testing Changes
* Business Insider reported Tesla stopped Brake and Roll tests –
* Tesla CEO Elon Musk ordered his employees to stop putting nearly finished Model 3s through a critical test before leaving the company’s factory in Fremont, California, according to an internal document viewed by Business Insider.
* It’s called the brake-and-roll test, and it ensures the car is correctly aligned.
* An industry expert told Business Insider that every automaker does this test to ensure quality and function.

* Tesla Stock drops 9% day of –

* It was already on a downward trend from an Analyst that on Monday an analyst downgraded their stock from Hold to Sell –

* This was as they report their biggest quarter in company history and hitting 5K Model 3’s per week???

* Later we learned that this is a redundant test, that is used In-place of an actual track test, which Tesla does –
* As the manufacturing process matures, so, too, does the testing process to validate the safety of each vehicle being produced. Oftentimes this means altering tests or removing them altogether if they’re found to be redundant. It’s this last one that’s of interest to us now, specifically as it pertains to Tesla.
* For most manufacturers, the brake-and-roll test is used as a time saver to prevent having to physically drive vehicles on a test track, something that requires time, space and personnel. Tesla is currently at a stage in Model 3 production where it feels that it physically needs to have each and every Model 3 that rolls off the line driven on an actual test track to make sure that power, torque, brakes, alignment, and of course squeaks and rattles are within spec. This makes the brake-and-roll test redundant, and a company in the midst of a production ramp like Tesla’s can’t afford redundancies.
* Tesla has confirmed to Roadshow that its brake-and-roll testing and on-track testing procedures are identical. Both tests begin by burnishing (or bedding-in) the brakes by accelerating to 60 miles per hour and then decelerating down to five mph. This is done three times in relatively quick succession and is fairly standard practice across the industry. Next, the vehicle’s anti-lock brake system is checked for functionality. This is done by running the vehicle up to speed and triggering the system by braking hard. If the ABS triggers, the vehicle is passed and if it doesn’t, it isn’t. Finally the vehicle is brought to 60 miles per hour and then coasted down to a stop — this measures drivetrain drag.

* Elon didn’t take kindly to the Business Insider article
* Asks if the reporter, Linette Lopez tried to bribe an Ex-Tesla employee to give her insider information –
* And he was curious if she was providing info like this to Chanos –
* And a big reason is because of her public “love” for the shorts –
* And he wrapped it up with basically asking for her to state her bias –

* So the question remains, does this actually matter or was this an attempt by people with a financial interest in seeing Tesla stock go down to make money?
* Regarding safety of the vehicles, it appears no, but I’ll keep my eye out
* The second part almost certainly is a yes, even if this case with the Business Insider article was a coincidence

* Let’s see where Model 3 production is
* Bloomberg Tracker –

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