Is Elon Musk Too Late to Save Boys in Thai Cave Rescue? [live]

Elon Musk recently began making a kid-size submarine to help the Thai Cave Rescue effort, but will it work in-time? Get invites to these live shows at

// SpaceX & Boring Company Engineers Helping Thailand Boys Stuck in Cave

* Recap
* Thai soccer team of kids between 11-16 and their coach wandered into a cave
* Water rushed in and trapped them
* Stranded for 10 Days before a British diver was able to reach them
* Insanely difficult conditions

* They’re still trapped (going on day 15)
* The journey is incredibly difficult and some of the kids can’t swim, much less dive
* Murky water, zero visibility
* Water not likely to recede for months
* A Thai Navy Seal diver actually died trying to get supplies to them

* So Elon took to Twitter after someone suggested he help

* Tiny, kid-size escape pod

* And some are making their way out

// How Much Range Do You Need?

* Edmunds posted a roundtable discussion bout how much range you reasonably need in an EV –
* Good discussion, some points I think they missed
* They seemed to all agree that EVs aren’t for road trips, but at 150+ miles are good enough for commuting
* I disagree 🙂

* Compare cost per mile –

* What about Charging?

* Monthly Cost Calculator here –
* Fuel Savings Calculator here –
* Tesla Supercharger Cost Calculator –

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// Model 3 Brake Testing Changes
* Business Insider reported Tesla stopped Brake and Roll tests –

* Tesla Stock drops 9% day of –

* It was already on a downward trend from an Analyst that on Monday an analyst downgraded their stock from Hold to Sell –

* This was as they report their biggest quarter in company history and hitting 5K Model 3’s per week???

* Later we learned that this is a redundant test, that is used In-place of an actual track test, which Tesla does –

* Elon didn’t take kindly to the Business Insider article

* So the question remains, does this actually matter or was this an attempt by people with a financial interest in seeing Tesla stock go down to make money?
* Regarding safety of the vehicles, it appears no, but I’ll keep my eye out
* The second part almost certainly is a yes, even if this case with the Business Insider article was a coincidence

* Let’s see where Model 3 production is
* Bloomberg Tracker –

// How Long Until I Get My VIN?
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My analysis –

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