How to Start Your Own Fashion Webshops, Take Boohoo as An Example

As an entrepreneur especially in the clothing industry you may believe that as far as online fashion is concerned, there’s not much more left for anyone to do including yourself.  This could however not be any farther from the truth. As with all industries, the determinant factor of success is most often innovation. While this may seem to be a myth there has been sufficient proof that the right approach to any industry will go a very long way in guaranteeing success in said industry. A perfect case example of this is the Boohoo online clothing store.

Boohoo experienced a major growth spurt that made the online fashion retailer become one of the largest names in the clothing industry. If Boohoo could do this is the clothing industry it makes it very possible that your online store is capable of doing the very same thing. Naturally, we would have to look at what exactly Boohoo did to become one of the biggest names in fast fashion.

Being an online retail company means that the majority of the strategic moves that Boohoo took which are directly responsible for their success were taken on the internet. The first and most important thing that we consider having been very important to their success is their own website. The website is a very responsive and easy to use interface. The quality of the Boohoo website is also replicated in the other franchises including boohooman. The Boohoo website has a perfectly functional user interface which makes it easy for customers on the website to navigate, the ease of operation that customers enjoy in the website directly translates to a rise in sales. The website is also constantly updated with new products and ads showing which sales they have which are offered at the time. Since the offers on the website change constantly customers are encouraged to visit the site to enjoy various offers.

Also connected to the website is the boohoo USP. The term USP stands for Unique Selling Position. Among all of the online retailers within the clothing industry, the only boohoo offers a different by which its products are displayed. On the Boohoo website, customers not only have access to pictures of the clothes that they want to purchase but can also see videos of the clothes actually being worn to give them a better idea of how the clothes will look on them. Customers also have access to the size information of the models who wear these clothes and can actually use them to determine if the clothes available will fit them or not. This Unique Selling Point is one of the most important factors responsible for Boohoos’ success.

As an online webshop owner, it is important to spend time creating a UPS for your business.

Marketing has played a very large part in the success of Boohoo. Boohoo makes use of third-party marketers, ads, social media, and email marketing. Proper marketing strategies are very essential for any webshop that desires rapid and solid growth. Boohoo keeps all of its customers updated with their new look sales.  All of their ads are strategically placed all over the internet to drive organic traffic to the site. All of these efforts are directly responsible for the amazing growth the business has witnessed.

Boohoo is an obvious example of the fact that fashion webshops can still grow and thrive despite steep competition from other brands. If you want to know more about Boohoo? Click here to read more about Boohoo.

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