How to Increase Your Self-Confidence in Different Ways

When considering personal improvement, attending to your level of self-confidence is something that pays dividends down the line. When you are more confident, you put more effort into areas that you know need a greater level of attention and you are willing to try things that you feel that you might fail but do so anyway.

Personal improvement is all about taking action, otherwise no improvement is likely to happen because ultimately, theory only takes you so far. Eventually, you have to put everything you’ve learned into practice and that’s when having more self-confidence becomes very useful indeed.

Here are a few different ways to challenge yourself and in so doing, increase your self-confidence.

Musk Ox Hunting in Greenland

Between July and mid-October, there’s the opportunity to challenge yourself by going musk ox hunting. If you think bull-sized but with a bushy fur coat, you’ve got the right idea about a Musk Ox. They may look like docile creatures, but they move fast when they need to, and their tusks aren’t to be messed with either. An experienced hunter acts as the guide and camp host to complete the trip.

For successful hunters, the musk ox casserole that’s served for dinner is the just reward for downing the beastie. Moving through riverbeds, across open terrain and later stalking your prey crawling prone and in a hidden position is all part of the experience. Camping out in the wild is a new thing for many city dwellers too.

Improv Night

A completely different approach to increasing overall self-confidence is to enter into an improv night at a comedy club or similar venue. The idea here is that people take turns and can say whatever they wish in the context of the subject being spoken about.

The benefits of performing improvisation are that it encourages out-of-the-box thinking, spontaneity, being able to deal with being under pressure, and handling yourself well in pubic. For anyone who is shy or who hasn’t dealt with public speaking before, being free to improvise the spoken word without judgement is a delightfully freeing experience. Once completed, the process of having fun with improv boosts your confidence in handling unpredictable situations.

Do Something You Keep Telling Yourself You Cannot Do

For most things that we tell ourselves we’re not going to do because it would never work, the best thing to do is to try them. That’s assuming that the idea is legal and not unfair to another person, of course. Challenging yourself to try new things that you normally wouldn’t do, whether that’s to approach someone in a bar, try a different team sport, sign up for a painting class or anything else that takes your fancy.

The process of being willing to open up to possible failure by giving something totally new a good try makes other things seem possible too. Even trying something and letting go of the result (meaning not caring what happens) is helpful because it proves to you that it wasn’t as scary as you thought. After all, you cannot learn how to swim by looking at the water. You have to eventually get in it. But once you’ve accomplished that, you have the inner fortitude that you can accomplish other things too and have greater confidence to attempt them.

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