eview the two articles on résumés in this week’s readings: ·  “Think

eview the two articles on ru00e9sumu00e9s in this weeku2019s readings:
u00b7 u00a0u201cThink Outside the Box: 4 Creative Resume Ideasu201d
u00b7 u00a0u201cSometimes, Resumes Can Be Too Creativeu201d
What did you think of the examples given? Would you try one of these? Why or why not?
PLEASE USE EARNING As grading criteria file below********
Excellence In Business Communication Edition: 12th Authors: Thill, J. V., & Bovu00e9e, C. L. ISBN-13: 9780134319056
Chapters 15u201316 in
Excellence in Business Communication.
the following:
Brazen Life. (2014, September 10). Own your job interview: 11 tips for landing that dream job [Web log post].
Business Insider
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Weinberg, S. (2014, September 10). Think outside the box: 4 creative ru00e9sumu00e9 ideas [Web log post].
Business Insider
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Feldman, J. (2013, May 3). Sometimes, ru00e9sumu00e9s can be too creative [Web log post].
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Required Podcast
to the podcast, u201cHow to Conduct Yourself in a Job Phone Interview,u201d on the Real-Time Updates website at [7:08].
The purpose of this assignment is to research and examine the two articles in the weekly readings about resumesu00a0and determine if there were anyu00a0ideas given whereu00a0the writeru00a0would incorporate them into his resume.u00a0 The writer willu00a0alsou00a0answer why or why not he would use any of the examples given.u00a0 The writer will also use information from the course book and the two articles to formulate his answer.
Most of the examples given in the article Think Outside The box seem to be longu00a0shots at best in landing a job.u00a0 These examples seem like they would be effective/creative after landing the job.u00a0 The w


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