Business Set Up In Fujairah Free Zone

When was Fujairah free zone established?

It was established in 2005

Under whose chairmanship was Fujairah free zone established?

It was established under the chairmanship of His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Hamad Al Sharqi.

No matter whether you want company set up or warehouse setup in Fujairah, you will love it here in Fujairah free zone. This is because company registration in Fujairah is really easy and you can see up your company or warehouse here with great ease. This will help you in increasing your business which will do nothing but good to you for sure. FAR Consulting Middle East will help you in any kind of questions related to business setup.

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Benefits of business set up in Fujairah free zone

Options starting from very fewer amounts

You can set up your business in Fujairah free zone just in AED 15,625 per year. Note that this amount is inclusive of all the value-added taxes. The packages here start from very low amounts which are affordable for the people who are new in the business and are very concerned about their business setups. You can get more comprehensive packages as well. These packages will provide you with an extensive range of services.

No physical appearance required

Physical appearance is required in a lot of free zones but this is not the case with Fujairah free zone. You can set up your business here in Fujairah without even having to be present here all the time. This is a huge perk for those who cannot show their physical appearance due to different reasons here all the time. You can complete all the processes of formation by your home and the processes of application are quick as well.

No NOC required if you have a residency visa already

You will not require any no objection certificate from your sponsor if you are already possessing a residency visa in UAE.

No share capital or annual audit

There is no need for a large capital in this free zone unlike so many other free zones in UAE. Also, you will not have to go through an annual audit if you set up your business in Fujairah free zone for the renewal of Fujairah municipality trade license.

100 per cent repatriation

You will be free to repatriate all the capitals you invested and the profits as well.

No currency exchange restrictions

There will be no restriction on you regarding the currency exchange. You will be allowed to exchange as much of the currency as you want here in Fujairah free zone.

Documents issued within days

You will not have to wait for so much time if you are thinking about setting up your company in the FZE zone. The documentation will be issued to you just in days.

6 UAE residency visas issuance

 No just that you will have available visas of UAE but also, you will be able to allocate your staff from the outset easily. So, just start your company and enjoy the perks here in FZE.

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