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Today, we’re talking about “article marketing for business”. We all know you need content to share for your blog , your business and for social media.

Article marketing dates back the turn of the century, when videos, were just a luxury. I would write business articles all the time, to tell my audience ‘how to’ do something, pertaining to the business they were in.

After awhile, I never liked writing, unless it was a script, for my video. I always believed that you can convey your message better, using visual imagery , than reading an article. You can get across the same message, with a different medium. So I chose videos.

Business articles are still important to show let people know, you know your talking about in your field, and how to solve problems. Being a guy, I like pictures and images to ‘show’ me how to do something, rather than having to read it. It saved me so much time over the years.

However, if you’re not ready for videos, I do have a bundle of “business articles” to help you ‘fill your’ blogs and social posts. All you have to do is tweek, the articles you want to use and take out what you don;t want and put in what you want to keep.

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