5 Ways To Run A Greener Business

water filtration system

Running a greener business is something we should all be looking to do. With more news about man-made global warming and plastic filling the sea, small simple steps were taken by everyone, whether at work or at home can have a massive impact.

There are strategic business reasons as well that must be considered by businesses of all sorts. One of those is the local environmental impact they are making; the other is simply cost. Being greener may require some outlay at the start, but over time, you can get your business running energy neutral which is only a good thing!

Running what is essentially a “green programme” in your business doesn’t need to take up all of your time or resources, but by making cultural changes within the business, you can greatly impact on the local environment as well as create substantive change in your strategic business goals.

Lightbulb moments

One of the simplest things you can do as a business is changing the lightbulbs. Sounds easy, but businesses forget how much this can actually help. Energy saving units in LEDs can reduce the light pollution by two thirds whilst your energy bills will also come down. The other bonus, they generally last around 20 to 25 percent longer than previous units.

Ditch the water bottles

It sounds silly, but when you think of the number of wastewater bottles produce it can start to be quite staggering how you didn’t think of switching sooner. Installing a water filtration system in the office will not only provide clean and safe drinking water for your staff, and you, but it will also reduce the amount of associated waste with plastic bottle consumption.

Recycle… everything!

There are fewer and fewer limitations on what can be recycled nowadays, massive engineering firms have understood this and are offering solutions. From simple things like paper and plastic waste to even farming out old equipment to be used in schools or sent to charities who could do with these very things to provide services, it all has an impact.

Go green and clean

Well, actually, use green cleaning products. From window cleaners to desk wipes, choosing something which is non-toxic and safer for the environment will have a massive impact on running your business in a greener, more eco-friendly way. Some of these products can even cause illnesses in the office, so a green, nontoxic solution can help those who suffer from fume and poor air quality.

Get green fingered

It’s one thing planting trees on your office property, but what about in your office. Aside from the color green releasing dopamine which relaxes the mind, office plants can have a real positive impact on air quality in an office. It doesn’t sound like a lot but having to recycle less air with conditioner units and letting mother nature do the work is a better solution all around.

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