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How NVOCC Logistics Transport Can Help You and Your Business You might have already encountered the term NVOCC, or Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier, which is basically a term used in the industry of ocean freight and cargo shipping. Doing a little research on the Internet can help you gain new knowledge and ideas such as what is NVOCC and why is it called a shipment consolidator. These shipment consolidators are scattered all over the globe and they provide variety of shipping services to different clients worldwide. These shipment consolidators are very flexible and their services ranges from packing, to securing cargo, transport, pick up, door to door or port to port delivery of goods. Shipment consolidators like NVOCC issues bills of lading, functioning as a cargo carrier. You might be wondering what is bill of lading? Bill lading is a document issued by a particular carrient to a particular shipper. The BOL or BL acknowledges that the goods have been receive on board already, on a cargo vessel, which will then be shipped to a particular destination – with consignee for delivery. Take note that NVOCC has no cargo vessel or does not own a cargo vessel, but they are the ones who will be responsible for ocean freight.. There are actually rules involved or certification and licensing involved in order to become an NVOCC in the United States. Receiving an ocean transportation intermediary license from the US Federal Maritime Commission is a must. The company must first apply for an OTI license in the Federal Maritime Commission’s Bureau, and the company should be able to successfully pass through a multi-step process. These companies are assessed on their ability to provide OTI services and their experiences are evaluated before they can acquire certification and license. The companies should be able to follow all the regulations or policies based on Shipping Act and Federal Maritime Commission. There are some few things that you need to think about first before choosing an NVOCC company. You need to read some helpful online articles or blogs on the Internet before you decide which company you should choose. The best NVOCC are those that are reputable and has received a lot of positive reviews from their previous clients. It is also advisable that you visit the company’s website since will you will be able to gain knowledge about the background history of the company. Hiring the best NVOCC has many advantages which you and your business can truly enjoy. Take note, the best NVOCC companies out there are those that are committed in helping you save time and money. The company that you should choose should provide you more information about the cargo shipping industry. If you have any concerns or question, don’t be shy to ask these companies.Looking On The Bright Side of Logistics

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