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How 10 Billionaires Faced Failure
Entrepreneur… For most successful people, failure is always a part of their journey.
It’s learning how to handle and grow from these experiences that make us stronger and better position us for future successes.
Just take a look at Walt Disney, the high school dropout was fired from a magazine job at 22 years old because the editor felt he “lacked imagination.”
To learn more, check out the infographic to see how 10 billionaires faced failures.
The top 10 things the taxman may review on your tax return
Globe and Mail … The following is a list of the top 10 items that the taxman is likely to question …
1. Employment expenses 2. Carrying charges 3. Moving expenses 4. Medical expenses 5. Charitable donations 6. Capital gains and losses 7. Allowable business investment losses 8. Tuition credit 9. Student loan interest 10. Province of residence
5 Financial Milestones You Should Hit Before Turning 30
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Money … there is no one right path for everyone, but here are some milestones to guide you
1. Have a budget to track your expenses and wealth. 2. Have money for your retirement already in the bank. 3. Have savings in case of an emergency. 4. Have zero credit card debt .5. Designate beneficiaries on your accounts and life insurance.
Rich people do this to be happy about their money
Business Insider … Who you hang out with matters more than you may think.
… wealthy people avoid one type of person at all costs: pessimists.
Sitting Is Bad for Your Health. Standing May Not Be Great Either. So What Should You Do at Work?
Fortune …Switching to a standing desk may not be a cure-all …
… happy medium … a baseline level of physical fitness … sitting on a balance ball
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