The Greener Way to Attract New Customers

If you run your own business, whether it’s an online digital enterprise, a bricks and mortar retail store, or within the service sector, you’ll know how important it is to attract new customers and stand out from the crowd. Having a great website and a great product or proposition is essential to business success, but in today’s crowded marketplace, it’s equally as important to have a strong brand image that differentiates you from your competitors. One way to do this is to create a good news story by becoming a more eco-friendly business, so let’s look at three easy ways to do this.

Cut Down on Waste and Encourage Recycling

All businesses produce waste, but it’s what we do with that waste that’s important. Whether you have two employees or two hundred, it’s important to encourage recycling and think about how you could help the environment by reducing the amount of waste that you produce. The overuse of plastic in particular has caught the public’s imagination, with plastic pollution in our seas and on our beaches becoming international news. By cutting down on your plastic packaging, or limiting your use of plastic components, you’ll have a good news story that your customers will love to hear, as well as doing your bit to help the planet’s ecosystem and wildlife.

Reduce Noise and Heat Loss

Heating bills can be a major outlay for any business, and so cutting down your energy use can save you money as well as improving your green credentials. Your staff can’t be shivering in their seats of course, but installing the right ceilings, walls and office dividers can make a huge difference to how warm a workspace feels, as well as making a real impact on your energy bills. Noise pollution is another important consideration, which is why many businesses are using acoustic plasterboard that absorbs sound waves. Fitting an acoustic plasterboard ceiling is a simple and inexpensive process and one of the leaders in this field, Fade Ceilings, even plant a tree for every meter squared of acoustical plaster installed, making them an environmentally friendly option.

Support a Green Charity

Consumers love businesses that support charitable enterprises, and it can also be a motivational factor for staff as well. There are lots of great charities to choose from, but green charities can be an especially astute choice. Surveys show that concerns about global warming and other environmental problems are growing, so if your company supports a green charity, it can really help to differentiate you from your competitors and attract new customers.

Reducing waste, cutting down on energy lost, and supporting ecologically friendly charities and initiatives are ideal ways to create a good news story to your brand, so don’t forget to let your customers and potential customers know all about your green initiatives. These are ideal updates for the blog or news section of your website, and having a reputation as a greener company can make a substantial difference to your bottom line, as well as having a positive difference on the environment.

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