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Must Have Table Saw Accessories

Almost every woodworker know what a table saw is as this is the core component of any wood shop. Table saws are also known as saw bench and is built with circular blade that’s mounted on arbor and running on electric motor. The blade cuts easily through woods at very high speed and makes the task of woodworkers easier than expected. Because of the machine’s versatility, these have varying accessories available in the market which makes specialized tasks become easier and efficient.

Let’s take a look to some of the accessories used for table saw and figure out how to buy one.

Out feed and in feed tables – these said accessories are quite useful in regards to ripping long boards as well as other sheet materials efficient, easy and safe.
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Feather boards – feather board helps in keeping the wood against rip fence and may either have multiple or single spring, which kept intact by high strength magnets, expansion bars or clamps.
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Rip fence – this fence is guiding the workpiece when making cuts. The distance between the blade as well as the fence may be adjusted to the area where you wish to make the cut. Many of the saws also have rip fence system but some of the table saw models are sold without fence to allow the customer to buy the fence in line with their needs.

Inserts – table saw is using inserts in an effort to prevent tear out by providing support for wood fibers which in turn creating a clean cut.

Splitter – also known as riving knife. This vertical project could be found behind the blade and is pretty useful when it comes to preventing kickback by stopping the workpiece from being cut from rotation. Some splitters may incorporate mechanism that is known as pawls, which have teeth that bite on the wood to avoid kickback. Even though most woodworkers find the splitter being unnecessary accessory for their table saw, operating a saw without it can be dangerous and could also be the cause of serious injury or death, no matter what the experience is.

Hold down – the circular blade of table saw can pick up wood if it was not held down. Hold downs is used to perform this task and much like the vertical versions of featherboards. By using set of sturdy clamps or magnets, these are being attached to the fence with magnets. Other types of it use set of wheels which have spring loaded mechanism to be able to push down a material while it is guided through the table.

While all table saw accessories play a critical role when using such equipment, remember to do research to ensure that you are making the right purchase.

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