The Different Types of Lock Lubricants

There were constant debates from locksmiths about the best kind of lubricants for locks. Some of the locksmiths say that it is best to use graphite because they say other kinds of lubricants are going to cause damage to the lock and others also say that graphite’s are harmful to use. The things to which you will find below would be the various types of lubricants that are available.

When you wish to understand about the ideal kind of oil to use, you should consider understanding the various oils first.

One of it would be the WD-40 which is known as Water Displacing. The WD-40 was first developed by the military during the 50’s as a form of solvent and de-greased to give protection for missile parts. This then later on became an ideal household item after people have discovered that it can be used for different things like as a squeak-stopper, cleaner, rust-prevention and a whole lot more. This is now considered to be the most widely distributed oil and also available in different hardware stores.
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There is also the Tri-flow industrial lubricant which is a unique formula that in fact contains micron-sized particles being made from polytetrafluoroethylene. A polytetraflouroethylene is referred commonly as Teflon and is the basis of lubrication of Tri-flow. Tri-flow deposits are long-lasting films that is effective to help reduce wear and friction.
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There are also the powder graphite where this is a fine powder that’s dry and is used also as a lubricant. Graphite’s were applied to the wheels and axle of wooden cars in order to help in spinning better. Yet this sticks to everything and it also makes a mess to the place.

You also will find the 3-in-one oil where it is formulated specially for penetrating, lubricating and cleaning. The unique ingredients that it has will enable it to lubricate and protect metal surfaces.

There are also silicone lubricants where it helps to keep the lubricating properties through different temperature ranges. With what its name state, its main lubricating feature come from the silicone which has a decent penetrating property. See to it that you are careful with its fumes.

You also will find the liquid graphite where this is like the powdered graphite but is applied to as a liquid. The liquid will then evaporate after several hours and will leave the graphite powder behind. This would be able to help in applying and working easier and makes less mess.

All locks actually needs lubricating, but you should avoid putting any oil to your lock. The reason to this is that some oils could potentially cause damage to your lock that makes it inoperable.

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