Doing Business in Washington, DC

Doing business in Washington, DC, the nation’s capital, is now better than ever. Although the city and its surrounding communities are still identified with Federal Government activities, the DC area is now emerging as a top destination for businesses. In 2006, a popular business magazine recognized Washington as one of the top ten places in the United States that are favorable for business expansion.

If you are an entrepreneur, there are lots of reasons why you should consider establishing or expanding your business in the DC area, such as Accessibility to units of the Federal Government and excellent real estate. Another reason is the presence of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies and other booming businesses that have been operating in the DC area for years now.

The economy of the DC area has been growing and diversifying for years now. A lot of businesses are coming to Washington and … Read More

Financial Modeling Tips

A sound financial model and projection is one of the core ingredients of a venture capital business plan.

Here are some thoughts on how to do it right:

– Keep it real. Don’t overstate sales projections. It is a common enough mistake to make because human nature says we want to put the best case forward. The solution os to have various scenarios, assign some probabilities, and tell an investor honestly what needs to happen to reach the targets.

– State the assumptions clearly in the projection, so the investor knows what it is based on.

– Make it easy to adjust and show the consequences – what if sales are lower, what if churn is higher, what if our costs decrease, what if our main customer leaves? Investors are a (justifiably) cynical bunch, so you need to be able to lay out a best case and a worst case … Read More

Breaking News – Retire Early, Build Wealth And Have More Freedom If You Do This

Investing is something that a lot of wealthy people do. In my opinion, average people do not know what is the best opportunities to invest in. As of 2017, everything is online. If you want to see a quick return on an investment, then you might want to invest in a business that is internet based. An even better idea, in my opinion is to invest in a business opportunity. Business opportunities are online based and they grant you the opportunity to build true wealth from home by selling products and services.

Here Is The Naked Truth!

According to Home Business Magazine, 8 out of 12 people fail when they join these opportunities because of lack of education. These investment are a sure-fire way to build wealth but if you are not skilled in the aspects of marketing, prospecting and closing, you will fail. Most up-lines fail to give the … Read More

The History of Business Week Magazine

Business Week is a magazine that is currently published under the name Bloomberg Businessweek, after a recent merger, and is a publication that is familiar to many people, having been coming to homes and businesses weekly since 1929. Bloomberg Businessweek was first published in September of 1929, just a few weeks before the stock market crashed and now, has a circulation of nearly a million, and competes with the only other major business magazine available on the market – Forbes Magazine, a bi-weekly business publication.

When BusinessWeek first began, they covered marketing and finance, labor and management, but were the first of the time to begin reporting on political issues that affected American businessmen. The magazine also published a list of executives and the pay that they receive, a tradition that started in 1950. While Forbes and Bloomberg Businessweek compete for readership among businessmen and women and those interested in … Read More

The EpiPen Value Boost is Much more Than a Struggle of Fantastic vs. Evil

America’s pharmaceutical market is elaborate. Much more elaborate, in simple fact, than can absolutely be captured by 1 information article. Or 10. Or even one hundred. Previous September, media shops and Congress took Turing Pharmaceuticals’ younger previous CEO Martin Shkreli to endeavor adhering to a extra than five,000% price raise of his company’s antiparasitic drug Daraprim. Several months later on, Shkreli’s identify had primarily disappeared from the headlines, supplanted by an significantly extra provocative 2016 presidential main race. Nonetheless virtually just 1 year later on, a new story seems to be participating in out much the exact same way. Only this time, the drug in issue has been a extended-time staple for providing daily life-preserving doses of epinephrine shots: The EpiPen.

Mylan, the organization that has reportedly owned the rights to market and distribute the device given that 2007, has now taken centre stage in what is seemingly America’s healthcare … Read More