Smallest smartphone-Jelly, The Smallest 4G Smartphone

Smallest smartphone-Jelly, The Smallest 4G Smartphone Amazingly small but powered with the latest Android 7.0 Nougat features, Jelly is a mini-sized 4G smartphone for everyone. About this Smallest smartphone- Jelly is a mini-sized phone with full features of Android 7.0 Nougat and also the first of its kind supporting the ultra-fast 4G network. It is the ultimate answer to any situation where using a heavy, expensive primary phone is inconvenient. Jelly is designed to be small, but for a reason! whenever it is unnecessary to take a bulky and expensive phone with you, just put Jelly in the coin pocket. Since heard a lot of feedback about the concern on capacity, we decided to add an upgraded version, Jelly Pro with 2GB RAM & 16GB ROM. Business Insider: Jelly, the tiny 4G smartphone is one of the world’s smallest. Seriously, it’s itsy-bitsy. Engadget German: Actually you can make everything as usual, even if in mini size. Digital Trend: Looking for a smaller phone you can fit in a smaller pocket? Jelly comes in at only 2.45 inches and features Android Nougat. PhoneArena: Jelly won’t wow anyone with anything else than its size. But that’s still got to be a plus for some customers, right? The Verge: Jelly is meant to be an alternative to your usual phone that you can use while working out or maybe going out for the night. Jelly may look cute but it packs a punch! It uses a quad-core of 1.1 GHz processor up to 2GB RAM & 16GB ROM. We are travelers and we are business people just like you. Many people prefer to maintain more than one phone number and switching SIM cards to do so or when traveling is a hassle. Jelly makes it easy with dual Nano SIM card slots. Vphone S8 World’s Smallest & Slim Size TOUCH Mobile Phone with Pulse rate sensor Autosun Latest World’s Smallest N9 Mini Quad-band GSM Two-Way Auto Answer & Dial Audio Sim Card Spy Ear Bug With Unlimited Range . Get your phone from kickstater

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