Reading News Articles Written About ASMR & Me (ASMR)

Reading news articles written of me like the important person I am (NOT!) haha. I was going to upload this video in Illinois but it was a long video and I was having problems loading anything longer than about half an hour due to slow internet and hotel wifi constantly asking me to log back into the system. I just came back from the emergency vet for Paco but I think he will be OK. Will talk about it on my vlog channel later. I have a lot of catching up to do with videos and uploads on both channels as I have been slacking due to this trip. It is very hard nowadays for me to go anywhere because of my pets which are my children and to leave my home requires a lot too. I am happy to be back doing videos for you and my usual routine. It was nice to get out of it though but to come back home to a vet emergency wasn’t quite pleasant. It was raining hard all day and I was rained on since yesterday at the most random times it’s like the world is frowning on me but I know it’s only a test and temporary and I am still looking at this with a good mental picture because I know after something bad the outcome is always grand.

Any way, now that I’m back home, I wanted to tell you I had this idea for a video after googling myself like the non existent narcissist I am lol. If you google Tony Bomboni or Tony Bomboni ASMR and click on news then you will see all the articles online written about me. There are way more than these few but some don’t have my youtube name on it and some just mention me briefly, also many other news outlets don’t have an online version of what they wrote either, such as The Mumbai Times, Oprah Magazine, and much more I can’t even remember. I know you liked when I did a reading video from my phone so here is another with the cozy environment. I also do hope you enjoy my Spanish reading, this was also requested.

Links to all news articles read:

Business Insider:
Irish Times:
Noticieros Televisa:
Folio Weekly:
Korea Times:

Vlog Channel:


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