Looking On The Bright Side of Storage

4 Best Food Storage Methods Now more than ever, society is high on consumption with little regard for preservation. Most households purchase more foodstuff than they actually need. The direct result is the increase in wastage with immediate detrimental effects on our environment. All these is done in spite of the fact that there are folks out there facing death from hunger. The need to preserve food should consequently not just be a way to cut on costs but also an ethical responsibility. There are many different ways you can keep different kinds of food fresh for a long time. Listed below are some of the healthy ways you can affordably achieve that. Cold Storage
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If you’re looking for the simplest way to store your food then refrigeration is the way to go. You do not require much effort to preserve your food using this method since all you need is a working refrigerator or freezer. It is important that you place foodstuff inside sealed containers or use germ-free wrapping papers when refrigerating for an extended period of time. Make sure that the power supply to your refrigerator or freezer is not disconnected at any given time to avoid your food going bad.
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Canning Also simply referred to as canning, this involves keeping your food in airtight containers that in essence seal off oxygen supply as well as other elements that aid in decomposition. This method does not work for all kinds of food. Be sure to check whether the kind of food you want to preserve can actually be canned. Protect the food stored in the sealed containers from all possible environmental conditions such as extreme heat or moisture. Use of pickling jars With a history going back to the old days, pickling has been the preferred way to store vegetables and fruits. A simple concentrated salt solution or vinegar in a jar is used to maintain foodstuff in its original condition. Unlike freezing which requires thawing, you can always use the food preserved using this method any time. For those who require more preservation space, this is of course an uneconomical means. Dehydration This method of food preservation has been used for ages due to its simplicity and minimal skills required. Basically, water content from the food to be preserved is reduced to the absolute minimum. You can drain water content from your foodstuff for storage using a number of ways. One can use the natural heat from the sun or artificial sources such as an oven. It is however important to note that most of the food natural flavor is lost when this method is employed. You should therefore be keen before you decide on which particular kind of food you want to preserve this way.

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