Preserving the Environment with Sewage Treatment Plants: A Need to Know One of the advantages of sewage treatment plants is that, it functions as a disposal treatment and site of wastewater for the collection of sewage from households, industrial sites, establishments, agricultural sites and the like. Sewage treatment plants are there to treat the waste water collected and to preserve the natural environment by controlling the pollution. Before the wastewaters are again distributed in different bodies water, it is first inspected and checked by the wastewater treatment plant process if it clean and free from any contaminants. Another goal of sewage water treatment is to prevent the spread of diseases and to give protection to the public health. Gravitational forces also contribute to divert wastewater to the sewage treatment plants through sewage water system. However, the collection of wastewater by gravitational forces will not be applicable if there are lots of rocks and limited topographic relief because the pipeline will be difficult to excavate. With that, the sewage can just go straight to the sewage treatment plants if it is pumped directly into the pipeline. Vacuum is the tool the people in low land is using to treat and process their wastewater – this is applicable in their place. Pipelines have a range of six inches in diameter to thirty feet in diameter of size that could be used in any concrete lined tunnels. Nowadays, there are also household wastewater treatment tools that can be used. Household wastewater treatment tools are used in the underground collection tank of every home that separates the liquid portions from the solid portions. The liquid part in the underground are pumped through a small diameter pipe that has 1.5 to four inches size heading to the downstream treatment.
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At the moment, there are already different wastewater treatment plant design and style available. Wastewater treatment plant design and styles vary if your purpose is to have a separate line for storm runoff and or for sewage alone. The difference between storm runoff and sewage system alone is that, the storm runoff is moved directly to the surface water while the sewage system alone is transported to the sewage treatment plants.
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Nowadays, sewer systems in different municipalities are made with isolated sewer systems. Even though wastewater treatment design is created having two separate lines that is created entirely for sewage treatment, it cannot still be prevented the inflow and the infiltration of the surface water. In that case, the sanitary sewer might have the possibility to overflow. However, sewage treatment facility is still there to preserve the environment.

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