Is Sessions Getting “Raw Deal” From Right Wing Conservatives?

According to a recent article by Business Insider, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is facing backlash from the very Conservatives he has represented while in office. Sessions has methodically enacted a staunchly conservative agenda as the head of the justice system for the past 10 months, but that might not be enough to stem the tide against him from his own party. No one has faced more slings and arrows from the President than Sessions, who’s been in the doghouse since March, when he recused himself from all matters related to the campaign and, by proxy, investigations involving Russia. Despite ramping up immigration enforcement, cracking down on drugs and gangs, and rolling back Obama-administration-era policies on LGBT rights, voting rights, and criminal justice and police reforms, Sessions has been widely criticized by the people he should be making the happiest. According to Ned Ryun, CEO of the conservative grassroots organization American Majority, “I think Jeff Sessions is one of the greatest disappointments of Trump’s Cabinet,” a sentiment echoed by conservative Boston radio host Jeff Kuhner, who tweeted “Sessions is a big disappointment. Trump should replace him with an AG who will go after Hillary’s crimes. Drain the swamp!”

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