How to Run a Tight Bar for Community Locals

If you live in a close-knit community, you know that the locals work hard for everything they have. And they love to venture to their local bar for a bite to eat and a cold beer. If you are investing in the arduous task of being that bar, you need to run a tight ship. Below you will find some advice on how to run the best bar for your community locals.

Make Sure All of Your Ducks are in a Row

Whether it be attaining a Texas liquor license or a liquor license for another state, make sure you have certifications and lined-up licenses for health inspectors at all times. You don’t want to be caught serving alcohol without a license, just as much as you wouldn’t want to be caught serving food without the correct certifications. To run a tight bar, you need to have all of these proverbial ducks in a row before you ever open the pub’s doors for the first time.

Invest in a Doorman

It happens: you have a few patrons that drink a little too much and get a little too rowdy. To keep the local roughnecks from breaking apart your establishment, invest in a doorman to double as a security guard. Well-muscled and burly never hurt. Make sure your doorman is insured and well-paid to cover any injuries he might acquire when escorting a few roughnecks from the building. It’s one of the realities of owning a bar.

Serve More than Chips & Pretzels

More people will venture to your bar if they can have a good burger or French fries with their ice-cold brew. Chips and pretzels are a must-have, of course, but you should invest in a cook to cover sandwiches and hot meals. Throw a few chocolatey desserts on the menu for patrons with a sweet tooth.

Create a Fun, Stress-Relieving Rec Area

Make plans for a rec room, or designated games area, then pull together a few games, like pool, skeeball, darts, and a few cards tables. Your patrons will thank you.

When men and women get off work, they want to unwind and soothe their nerves after a strenuous afternoon. What you want is to be a reliable bar; one where those dedicated workers can have a pint of their favorite beer while challenging their friends to a game of 8-ball pool.