Starting a family business isn’t easy or meant for every family. It has to do with a number of specific issues that should be taken into account from the very start. These include personal issues, issues concerning relatives vs. employees, communication issues, and more. Those who are able to overcome these challenges can reach success and enjoy better results.

If you ask family business owners about the challenges they’ve faced, you’ll see them talk about both large and small challenges like getting time off or being unable to separate business and family. The latter is the biggest problem that you may face, according to some family business owners. You can overcome these small and big challenges easily if:

  1. Roles Are Clearly Defined

Your family members can be good at this or that aspect of the business. Reveal those strengths, leverage them and use them for figuring out roles for each member of the family. Make sure everyone has the same goal and is putting all his/her efforts to reach it.

  1. There Is Regular Communication

Have some formal framework so to communicate regularly.  Like a business organization that has a board of directors, have a family council. Discuss all the issues related to your business on a regular basis. Focus on being professional. Avoid emotional discussions.

  1. Have anOperating Agreement

If you’re a limited liability company, consider creating an LLC operating agreement to state in writing each owner’s percentage of ownership in the business. It should also include the rights and responsibilities that each owner has in the company.

  1. Family Over Business

You shouldn’t forget that your co-worker is your family member. Struggles of running a family-owned business make your relationship with your relatives even stronger.

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It’s great starting a business with your family. Just imagine fun days at the office together, brainstorming over coffee or happy hour or feeling the joy of working with someone you care deeply about.