How To Integrate Magento Version 2 And Higher With PayUmoney Bolt Checkout

In this video, you will learn How To Integrate PayUmoney Bolt Checkout in Magento version 2 and higher. This video is divided into 3 parts- installing the plugin, configuring it, testing and going live.

First thing first, here’s how you can install the plugin:

Step 1: Go to PayUmoney developer page
Step 2: Download PayUmoney plugin for Magento version 2 and higher
Step 3: Now, login to your Magento C Panel
Step 4: Under the file manager, click on App. Then go to Code and then click on ‘Upload’. Locate the PayUmoney-Magento kit you downloaded and upload the zip file
Step 5: Now, select the file and click on extract
Note: If ‘PayUmoney’ folder already exists, then upload the ‘PayUmoney bolt’ folder here.

Once you install the plugin, it’s time to configure. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Log into your Magento Admin panel and navigate to Payment methods through Stores, Configuration, Sales and Payments Methods
Step 2: Under ‘Payment Method’ select PayU subvention
Step 3: Enter ‘Yes’ under enabled and ‘PayUmoney’ under title & account type
Step 4: Enter Merchant Key & Salt details
Note: You can find these values under ‘Integration Details’ in your PayUmoney merchant dashboard.

Now that you have successfully installed and configured the plugin, it’s the time to test and go live.

Step 1: Select ‘Sandbox’ as Environment
Step 2: Click on ‘Save’
Step 3: You can now make test transactions in Payumoney test environment
Note: Use test card details in the ‘Integration Details’ section on your PayUmoney business dashboard.

Once satisfied, you can go live by changing Environment to Production and Clicking on Save button

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