How to get Custom Zippers from Zipper Shipper

Zipper shipper specializes in zippers, buttons and all other related sewing supplies. They offer unique and high-quality products. Well, you also get a chance to get custom zippers via ZipperShipper. This is especially so for people looking for zipper replacements for their garments. You may get exactly the same replacement as the original zipper.

Procedure of placing orders for custom zippers

  • First, search the type of zipper you want, using the zipper finder. Zippers are grouped into various groups depending on the use of the zip, the material used to make the zippers, end-type, and color.
  • Secondly, you will need to fill a zipper request form from zipper shipper
  • Mainly in filing the form, you are required to specify the quantity. For custom zippers, one must order at least 100 pieces.
  • After filing the form zipper shipper will send you a link through which you can complete the process of buying your zippers online. There is always support via phone or email in case of any problems encountered while buying the products online.

The most commonly sought after custom zippers are the metal zippers. This is especially so for the brass metal zippers. This is mainly because of their many uses. They can be fitted in jeans, handbags, tents jackets and sleeping bags amongst other uses. You will still get such zippers and many more others at metal zippers @