How Instagram’s ‘Rich Kids of Dubai’ spend their fortunes


Life is glamorous if you’re young and rich in the United Arab Emirates. But you already know that if you follow the Instagram account "Rich Kids of Dubai."

The account, which we first read about on NextShark, follows the adventures of the city’s insanely rich youth who drop serious cash on private jets, lavish hotel suites, and even pet lions.

Even high-profile celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton appear on the account, which currently has 21,900 followers.

The account shares selected posts uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag #richkidsofdubai, and submitted over Snapchat to richkidsdubai. The account is also present on Facebook, but hasn’t posted since October 2014.

Check out the photos below.

Dubai’s rich kids have more than one car parked outside of their mansion.

This rich kid’s verandah looks more like a palace.

They only do afternoon tea at the top of skyscrapers.

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