Historia de Yucatan

This is the oldest ebook i have lay my fingers on, is from 1842, printed in Campeche, México. It by now had some green and orange spots in the sheets.
The actual title of this version is: Los Tres Siglos de Dominación Española en Yucatan ó sea Historia de Esta Provincia desde la conquista hasta la Independencia, writen by Fray Diego Lopez de Cogolludo in 1688, the editor Don Justo Sierra O´Reill planed tomake three volumens but it was not a succesfull ebook, the second quantity was printed in Merida Yucatan by other editor in1845 just to have the finish crafting of Cogollugo in the libraries, the 3rd quantity that will narrate the record of Yucatan from 1688 to 1810 would be writen by Justo Sierra, but as the bussines plan faild it could not be writen.

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