Grant Cardone Kicked off of Plane

On April 19, 2012, I boarded a flight from JFK to LA. We never made it due to a bird strike on lift-off that forced an emergency landing and me, your friend in sales and business, Grant Cardone, caught it all on video from my cell phone.

Two things are important about this event:
1) It was the first time ever that a bird strike was recorded
2) This led to the FAA allowing phones to remain on during flight

After the videos were released and the story was picked up by every major news station, the FAA put me on a Watch List. As a result, I stood up for my rights and yours and fought back. My fight wasn’t just for the right to use a dumb phone on a plane but to defend common sense which seems to be lacking in the world today. I hit back at the FAA saying, “If phones are as dangerous as you suggest, you should remove them from every passenger before they board a plane.”
Six months later the FAA removed me from the watch list and now when you board a commercial flight they no longer tell you not to use your phone. That’s right one guy stood up for what was intelligence and you now can use your phone while flying.The power of getting attention and standing up for yourself is always the right thing to do.
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