Financial Resources for New Ottawa Businesses

Doing business in flourishing cities like Ottawa is a great opportunity considering its economic development and success. However, that does not necessarily mean an easy endeavor as it requires resources including in financing. This makes financing a necessity when you start a business and turn it into profit. You definitely need to consider various sources when searching for start-up financing.

The funding necessary for your business can vary based on the size and type of your business. Usually, business processing comes in capital intensive that requires a huge amount of capital. Sources of financing can come from private sector and government sources. Some of the notable financial resources for businesses are:

Equity Financing

This mode of funding involves the exchange of a portion of business ownership for a financial business investment. The ownership stake comes from an equity investment that enables investors to share in the profits of the company. The equity covers permanent corporate investment and not repaid by the corporation on a later date. The investment must be defined properly in a business entity.

Personal Savings

When setting up a business, you need to check your own equity or savings. Examples of personal resources are real estate equity loans, cash value insurance policies, or early retirement funds or profit sharing.

Home equity loans

These are loans supported by the home equity value. Paid for homes can be used in generating funds from the home’s entire value. Homes with a mortgage may offer funds based on the difference between the house value and the unpaid mortgage.

Venture capital

This funding comes from individuals investing in private businesses or companies. These business enterprises provide young businesses with capital in exchange for the ownership share. Venture capital firms put emphasis on the creation of a business investment portfolio with high-growth potential that may yield high return rates. However, they are vulnerable to high-risk investments.

Government grants and financing

You may look into possible government loans, grants and any other funding for your business in Ottawa. Government agencies and departments offer to finance including contributions, loan guarantees, subsidies, and grants. Some other types of available government funding include cash advances and loans, wage subsidies, equity investments, and tax refunds and credits.

Initial Public Offerings

Initial Public Offerings are often used if the companies are equipped with management stability, strong product or service demand, and profitable operations. This happens when companies are in business for many years.


Warrants are regarded as a special type of instrument used for long-term financing and useful start-up businesses to encourage investment through reduced downside risk while upside potential. They serve as a security granting the owner the right to purchase stock in the issuing business enterprise at a predetermined price at later date. The value is considered as the market price of the stock against its purchase price.

Debt Financing

In this type of funding, you may borrow funds from creditors with the idea of repaying the borrowed funds and interest at the certain time in the future. Debt financing can be long term or short term and may be secured or unsecured.

If you are on the verge of searching for a financial resource for your business, don’t worry because there are websites to provide you more information on this and if you want to buy or sell your enterprise afterward like business for sale Ottawa.