Europe’s Richest Family’s According To Their Net Worth

In a recent article, Business Insider shines a light on some of Europe’s most wealthy families, and despite her over 500 million-dollar fortune, Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t make it to the top three of the list. Sitting comfortable at the number four spot is England’s Royal Family with between a 500 and 600 million-dollar net worth. At number 3 is Prince Albert of Monaco, with a net worth of 1 billion-dollars, reportedly owning up to a quarter of the land he reigns over. Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg takes number two with 4 billion-dollars in net worth. And the wealthiest royal family of the EU is Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein, with a staggering net worth of 5 billion-dollars, in large part due to the Princely House of Liechtenstein’s privately owned bank, LGT Group.

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