Congressman Tim Ryan On How The Net Neutrality Repeal Will Hurt Small Business

Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) explains the likely effects of the FCC’s net neutrality repeal for small businesses. Following is a transcript of the video.

Tim Ryan: I’m Congressman Tim Ryan from Ohio.

I think the FCC decision on net neutrality is going to damage the internet as we know it today. I think the internet’s going to start looking a lot more like cable television.

What it does is it gives a tremendous amount of power to the internet service providers, which is going to allow them to basically have different toll roads for other websites and people who are providing content. So there’ll be a fast lane for certain ones and if there’s a fast lane, there has to be a slow lane. So they’re going to determine who gets into the fast lane and who is going to be relegated to the slow lane or doesn’t get any … Read More

How to Regain Motivation & Snap Out of A Funk

How to regain motivation and get motivated for school, work, and life after falling into a big or small or long or short funk. We’re human. It happens. We’re super on top of our lives for months and something happens where we shrink back into a sack of potatoes. This was me for the past 2 months, hence the server drought of personal development vids on my channel, and here’s how I slowly found my way backs 2 being a productive human of society.

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Bussines card, back.

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Jay Leno Bought $13.5 Million Mansion

Jay Leno recently purchased a $13.5 million mansion in Newport, Rhode Island. According to business insider, “the nine-acre property would give Leno and his wife, Mavis, plenty of room to house and entertain guests, as there are eight bedroom, 11 bathrooms, a tennis court, pool, and private beach.” The mansion also has a large garage for Leno to shelter his antique car collection. For anyone interested in viewing Leno’s new home, they can see pictures in the business insider article, “Jay Leno reportedly just bought a $13.5 million mansion in Rhode Island — and it looks like it was built for French royalty.”

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Prototype: Grid: Cover

Prototype by Ron Reason for Grid, the new glossy business magazine published by Sun-Times Media Group (Chicago). Launched Feb. 3, 2013. For links to blog entries with behind-the-scenes info on the project, see album cover page.

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