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bussines card

Posted by Atelier Madrecita on 2009-02-28 19:53:34

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Business Card Cubes Modular

Bussines card cubes modular
Folded by Marcela Brina
Model designer: Card cube (traditional)


Posted by smarcelab on 2010-07-23 22:33:27

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mx tools bussines card concept

Posted by miroslav_oprev on 2008-07-30 14:44:37

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CEZAR – Bussines card

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Posted by Bojan Janjic on 2010-09-28 10:58:20

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unspeakable — the anti-psychotic connection : san francisco (2012)

and yet, oddly, i feel like i have a lot to say about it.

medication labels come with warnings that say quite specifically : use of this product can cause homicidal feelings and suicidal impulses.

let’s start blaming the manufacturers of these poisons instead of simply mourning the shock and lack of humanity that someone who is suffering from the toxins running throughout their body can create. and maybe a little dose of responsibility should go to the gaming industry? i don’t know, because according to aldous huxley, those kinds of games are supposed to help us exorcise the demons of murder and violence and hate which ARE natural and come to the surface no matter what we try to do to stop it. but adding the DRUGS to the gaming equation was different than EVERYBODY using the same drug (SOMA). if all these young kids are buzzing on different … Read More