How Facebook plans to get 1 billion people into virtual reality

Welcome to Purple Sky News! All the news you probably missed but shouldn’t have. Here at Purple Sky News we bring the news that matters. Without further ado, here’s todays story: How Facebook plans to get 1 billion people into virtual reality, according to the VP tasked with doing it Alex Heath Oct. 14, 2017, 1:26 PM Mark Zuckerberg Oculus Go Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introducing the Oculus Go headset. Facebook The mission of leading Facebook’s virtual reality business now falls on Hugo Barra, who joined Facebook six months ago with the newly-created title “VP of VR.” Despite lackluster consumer interest, early missteps, and a lot of change in leadership, Facebook still has big plans to get a billion people into virtual reality. Barra sat down with Business Insider and explained how he intends to accomplish such a lofty goal. Despite tepid interest from consumers so far, Facebook still believes … Read More

As baha said, monay making*

me and baha just printed our own bussines card. yes, we are available for services.

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the interview

the interview –

mpsunny & crrao presents –

movie based on a successful bussinessmen which going to become a comedy central…………this comedy central travel to his frustration point which he continously talking to his wife…..

edited & performed by – Mohit Parihar

producer & directed by – Chhagan raj rao

here main character trying to give his interview on business articles
business sites
business news
small business opportunities
business opportunities
new business opportunities
work from home jobs
and on that half his crazy wife disturb him so badly that he frustrated and give his interview like he never knew what’s going on……..

Please watch: “Maade | Ramya Iyer | Teenu Arora | New Punjabi Songs 2016 Dance Reprise | Mohit Parihar”


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A group of Somali youth innovators pitch their bussines ideas at the closing ceremony of the first social innovation camp for Somali youth held in Mogadishu on October 9, 2017. This was jointly organized and supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Somalia’s Ministry of planning, Investment, and Economic Development and Ministry of Trade and Industry. UN Photo / Ilyas Ahmed

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Oct 12, 2017 Obama to Lead the United Nations???

OBAMA is moving to New York and positioning himself near the United Nations. Why?
Is he about to be revealed as the ANTI-CHRIST?

Is Obama Moving to New York City? Real Estate Insiders … – Newsweek…
Oct 3, 2017 – Former President Barack Obama and the former first lady are apparently in a New YorkState of mind. The Obamas have checked out at least …




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