Business Register (2)

When you hear that an organization is closing down or has gone out of business, the news could be worrying for everybody involved, including traders, suppliers, collectors, staff and consumers. Download SWOT and market share experiences, Thomson Reuters company financials and investment reports, and trade essays.Bussiness Company

If you consider that a company title registered with the Brønnøysund Register Centre might be easily confused with the identify of your personal firm or trademark, either in the way in which it is written or spoken, you can submit a grievance to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office.

Proof of the unique identity of the enterprise (authorized title, operating name, tackle, and so on) through an authoritative source (for instance, BC Registry Services or OneStop Business Registry).

If a business goes into liquidation and you have an unused reward voucher or credit score note, you can be handled as an unsecured creditor”.

You can doodle an thought of what each name will appear like on a sign or on business stationery.

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