Bitcoin Segwit2x Cancelled? WTF! Or is it? Bitcoin Cash Rising!

G’day Crypto Mates! Bitcoin Segwit2x Dead? Cancelled? WTF! Or is it? Bitcoin Cash Rising! WTF! Today’s Crypto News. BTC CRASH! Be a Crypto Care Bear and Share if you like it. Ash, a subscriber wanted more info, so Ash Vecchio, here is some more info for you and all my subs! Cheers guys!
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SegWit2x backers cancel plans for bitcoin hard fork

The Bitcoin Hard Fork, Segwit2x, Has Been Suspended

SegWit ‘Death’ Challenge: BitPico Vows To Fork As Goes 100% Bitcoin Cash

[Bitcoin-segwit2x] Segwit2x Final Steps

SegWit2X: Rogue Fork Announced, Raises Suspicions of Trolling

Segwit2X NOT Cancelled??! – BitPico

“BitPico” Vows to Activate Bitcoin Hard Fork Anyway Hacked

Boxmining’s Micael on the topic

Sharp Contradictions As Hard Fork Fail Makes CEOs Relieved, Users Suspicious

Bitcoin Price Dips, Altcoins Pump after SegWit2x Cancellation

Segwit2x Futures

Business Insider article


BREAKING: China to give preference to Bitcoin Cash on regulated exchanges! BCH Update

Bitcoin Cash Going Parabolic! By COIN MASTERY

Craig Wright comments

Bitcoin Cash Approaches Highest In 2 Months

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Today, I just wanted to get this out quickly because of the gravity of what is going on, so next vid will have time stamps
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