ARPA | Role of Business in Socio-Economic Development – Nazareth Seferian

Abstract: The presentation will feature mostly the two concepts of Corporate Responsibility (CR) and Social Entrepreneurship (SE) to show how business can make (and, in some cases, IS making) a positive contribution to the development of Armenia. Both of these topics are not yet well understood in Armenia, but both have massive potential to accelerate development and help find solutions to many problems, in partnership with the government of Armenia and the non-profit sector. The key is to understand that Corporate Responsibility is not charity or philanthropy, and Social Entrepreneurship is not a trendy name for Non-Governmental
Organization (NGO) work. Both concepts have business development and sustainability at their core, as well as the potential for creating new value for society and the environment. The
talk will present good examples of CR and SE in Armenia, and will also touch upon how individuals, both in Armenia and the Diaspora, can contribute to the development of these concepts in our homeland.
Nazareth Seferian has earned both, a Master’s degree in Public Health and a Medical Doctor’s (MD) degree. He has been working in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Armenia for more than 8 years. He was responsible for all CSR and philanthropy activities at
the mobile phone communications company, Orange Armenia from 2011 to 2014 and oversaw programs that impacted more than a hundred thousand people all over the country. Currently a freelance CSR and Social Enterprise trainer consultant, Nazareth is part of a group of individuals who have founded a new organization in Armenia to promote the concept of sustainable business in Armenia. He has authored two manuals on CSR in Armenian, as well as a guidebook on Social Enterprise. He also writes articles for the Responsible Business magazine, based in Lebanon. Besides a background in healthcare and community development, Nazareth Seferian holds a post-graduate certificate in sustainability business
from the University of Cambridge. Nazareth is also a Board member of the ARPA Institute, as part of the ARPA team in Armenia