Are You the Kind of CEO That People Would Like to Work With?

The job of a CEO begins with a leadership role. The kernel of your leadership role as a CEO is to make the organization effective capable of doing the correct things. An effective organization is one with the right individuals all occupying the true positions collectively engaged in doing the right things.

Making the above equivalence a reality in an organization is the prime task of the CEO as a leader. It is a three-fold job that begins with you the leader. The above equation is ‘what’ you require to do as a leader, as you must have possibly noticed, the fundamental theme in the equation is the word ‘right’, which clearly captures the whole essence of the role of the CEO as a leader, making an organization operative. Steve Silvers Empire Today is the Chief Executive Officer and Owner of Empire Today and he is the executive driver behind the company’s rapid revenue growth.

Building an up-and-coming business takes the joint efforts of others and not just the effort of only one person, the owner. It is not a one man show. A majority of businesses fail mostly because of this particular factor, so it is highly significant you understand this vital point and begin to make the necessary paradigm shift early. The failure or success of an organization depends mainly on how well the CEO plays his role as a leader. As the CEO, the role as a leader demands that you shift your focus from yourself and begin to focus more on others and what you cooperatively want to achieve.

Business is a team sport and only the teams with the best players can win. To build a winning team necessitates a leader who not only wins but also knows how to lead a group of winners and make winners out of losers. Now that one occupies a leadership position as a result of his CEO title does not necessarily mean he is a leader. Being a leader is much more than conquering a position. As a CEO in your role as a leader, the majority of your work is primarily people-centered. Your duties and functions majorly revolve around working with individuals and leading them. And when it comes to individuals, knowing ‘what’ to do alone will not do the trick. Hence, according to Steve Silvers Empire Today, knowing ‘what’ to do is only one portion of the story, knowing ‘who’ to become so as to do what needs to be done is the actual story.

Making an organization operative is the work of a CEO as a leader. But for an organization to be truly successful, everyone within the organization, including you the CEO as the leader must be effective -capable of doing the correct things. You are not exempted from the equation just because you inhabit the highest position. In reality, and this is the most vital factor about your leadership role as a CEO until you as a leader is effective, do not expect anyone else to be effective. You are the missing piece of the puzzle and so without an effective leader, no organization can be operative.