4 Ways to Plug Your Business in Every Conversation

It can be daunting to talk about your business because you feel like you’re impeding on the conversations and lives of others. However, plugging your business in conversations and everyday life is a great marketing technique—but there are tricks to doing it subtly and correctly.

Delve into Others’ Interests

When you first meet someone, or even have a close conversation with long-time friends over dinner, the talks commonly turn to hobbies, passions, and interests. And, thankfully, you are likely to have one or two of the same interests as someone else. So, delve into those with genuine interest. Then, when it’s your turn to speak, work your business endeavors into your conversation in the “about you” portion. Tell others about your business in a casual conversation—minus the salesy language.

Host a Business Mixer

The best place to plug your business is at a business mixer. Why? Because everyone there has the same idea. Or, many people there want to make new connections with great companies. Your business could be the exact services and connections that those kinds of people are looking for. So, play host and invite a few of your friends, their friends, and numerous business partners. Eat, drink, and have some great conversations.

Have a Grand Opening Celebration

This one is more obvious than the others because sometimes subtle doesn’t work. When it comes to the launch of your business, have a grand opening celebration to kick things off. Offer loads of information about your services, try to offer free samples where possible, and really take care of and connect with the prospective customers that come to your door. Want to make an even bigger splash with a grand opening? Host a celebration on the water, with business-focused custom wraps for boats in your harbor.

Ask the Right Questions

When you talk to someone about business and companies, you should ask questions to find out their interests in niches first. Then, if their business interests come back as pertinent to your company, plug your services, packages, and deals with a subtle foray into talks of your business. Encourage them to ask questions if they show interest in what you have to say. Then leave them with a business card for future talks or consultations.

While most marketing methods are bold and creative, there’s a subtle art to plugging your business in with everyday conversations and scenarios. Not everyone wants to be bombarded with business talk—so, make it a point to be concise, succinct, and honest about your business, but avoid talking about it for the entire conversation.

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