2017/08/13: What happened today (not Charlottesville)…

but a small part of the same insidious process.

In a Business Insider article published yesterday, journalist Steve Kovach characterized me as “far right.”

I contacted Mr Kovach by Twitter and email, after reading his article, indicating that such a characterization was both false and unwarranted. The full exchange (which culminated in the article’s revision, albeit without apology or explanation) is captured in this video, along with some of my thoughts on the matter, and on my supposed identification with the alt-right (or the right in general).

Kovach’s revised article describes me, at my insistence, as a “classic British liberal,” a political philosophy whose traditional aims (according to historian Walter L. Arnstein) include “gradually removing the religious, economic, and political barriers that prevented men of varied creeds and classes from exercising their individual talents in order to improve themselves and their society.”

That’s a good enough description for now.

P.S. I left the very ending of this video essentially unedited. I was struggling at that point to formulate my thoughts, and felt that leaving that struggle intact was appropriate (rather than giving the arguably misleading impression of ease of conceptualization).

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