How to Create a Business Plan

business plan

A business plan is an early stage to be done by a prospective entrepreneur. Finance will be discussed in terms of what should be in the business plan.

Business Plan
A business plan is a formal, written statement of the objectives of a business and how to achieve that goal. In fact, many people fail to make a business plan or a business plan when going to do business. Some people believe that is important for a business is run only. Do you agree with this statement?

According to the author’s personal opinion, I strongly disagree when doing business one of the important things is to run or just do it. But the road without a plan is an act of unjustified. Whether by creating a business plan or business plan can neither guarantee the business will be successful? Of course, there is no certainty. So why do we have … Read More

Some of the country’s most beautiful historic homes are just a couple of hours outside of New York City — take a peek inside 4 of them

Some of the country’s most beautiful historic homes are just a couple of hours outside of New York City — take a peek inside 4 of them


New York’s Hudson Valley is filled with iconic sites that some of America’s most influential figures once called home. Politicians, artists, businessmen, and socialites built beautiful estates here in the 1800s, and many are still standing today.

As he grew up in a historic estate named "Aberdeen on the Hudson", which was built in 1802, architecture photographer Nathaniel Cooper grew an appreciation for sturdy, 19th-century design.

"As an architecture photographer, I’m primarily hired to photograph new constructions with modern furnishings," Cooper said to Business Insider. "Photographing historic homes with original and/or era-themed furnishings allows me to catch a glimpse of culturally unique and completely different time periods."

Combining his two interests of architecture photography and historic homes, Cooper got exclusive … Read More

Science says happy kids tend to have these 7 traits in common

Science says happy kids tend to have these 7 traits in common


Raising kids is hard, and anyone who pretends to have all the answers is fooling you (and probably themselves too).

Many of the most important factors in a child’s happiness and success are outside of parents’ control, and there’s still a lot researchers disagree on or don’t understand about why kids develop the ways they do.

But there are some things that the literature broadly agrees make a difference in kids’ lives, even though kids who don’t check off these boxes are hardly doomed. (There are, of course, many routes to happiness.)

Some of the qualities we’ve summed up here may seem obvious, others not so much. But for parents, they’re all probably worth thinking about — while still taking them with an appropriate grain of salt.

Keep scrolling to see the seven traits that … Read More

Step Up Your Business Game

shared workspace

Modern technology is allowing more and more people to work anywhere. Connecting with others is made simple thanks to computers, tablets, and phones. However, you still need a space to get your things done, and sometimes you need a place to meet with others. For some, a shared workspace is the solution.

An Alternative to the Traditional Office

If you need something that you can use during a typical work-week, you can rent a space on a full-time basis. When you turn to a professional company that manages workspaces, all of the utilities will be handled. You won’t have to worry about keeping the lights on, setting up Wi-Fi, buying your own copy machine, or keeping things clean, as the management company will be able to handle all of that for you. All you’ll have to do is focus on your own responsibilities from the moment you step into your … Read More

Rare behind-the-scenes photos show Muhammad Ali training for one of his most historic fights

Rare behind-the-scenes photos show Muhammad Ali training for one of his most historic fights


In August 1974, photographer Peter Angelo Simon ventured to Deer Lake, Pennsylvania, to document Muhammad Ali at his remote training camp, "Fighter’s Heaven." At the time, Ali was prepping for what would be one of his most historic fights: the world heavyweight championship against George Foreman. Ali had dubbed the fight "The Rumble in the Jungle."

Simon wasn’t sure what to expect. "I had never been to a boxer’s training camp," he wrote in the intro to his upcoming book "Muhammad Ali: Fighter’s Heaven 1974." It’s an especially timely piece given Ali’s passing June 3.

"While a global audience was fixated on his fate, I was able to record aspects of Ali virtually unknown," Simon said in a press release for the book. Ahead, see some of the intimate moments Simon captured of … Read More

Beautiful Bussines Card ( Desain Cantik Kartu Nama ) dengan Adobe Illustrator

Kesan profesionalisme seorang pebisnis bisa dilihat dari berbagai sudut dalam dirinya. Dimulai dari tampilan fisik yang rapi hingga perilaku sopan santun bisa menjadi first impression yang baik untuk calon mitra bisnis.

Namun disamping itu sebagai pebisnis kita juga memerlukan peralatan pendukung profesionalitas, seperti salah satu contohnya yakni kartu nama. Meskipun kini penggunaan kartu nama sudah mulai tergeser oleh media lain yang lebih ringkas, namun sebenarnya tools bisnis yang satu ini masih tetap menyimpan banyak potensi untuk meningkatkan citra positif bisnis Anda.

Tidak disangkal jika penggunaan kartu nama kadang terkesan hanya sebatas formalitas serta tidak terlalu diperhatikan dalam hal pembuatan desain hingga informasi di dalamnya. Inilah kesalahan umum yang sering terjadi, manakala seorang pebisnis mempunyai setumpuk kartu nama yang dibagikan namun tidak ada satupun efek bisnis positif yang didapatkan.

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