How to Create a Business Plan

business plan

A business plan is an early stage to be done by a prospective entrepreneur. Finance will be discussed in terms of what should be in the business plan.

Business Plan
A business plan is a formal, written statement of the objectives of a business and how to achieve that goal. In fact, many people fail to make a business plan or a business plan when going to do business. Some people believe that is important for a business is run only. Do you agree with this statement?

According to the author’s personal opinion, I strongly disagree when doing business one of the important things is to run or just do it. But the road without a plan is an act of unjustified. Whether by creating a business plan or business plan can neither guarantee the business will be successful? Of course, there is no certainty. So why do we have … Read More

FireLayers Comes Out of Stealth With YL Ventures Funding To Control Enterprise Apps

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Conspiracy Theories like Flat Earth are Dangerous

I break down the latest article by Business Insider on “Why people are drawn to conspiracy theories like flat earth and why they’re dangerous, according to a psychologist.”


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August 2011 Issue

August 2011 Issue of Home Business Magazine

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QUE ES UN MBA-bussines administration

QUE ES UN MBA-bussines administration

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