How to Create a Business Plan

business plan

A business plan is an early stage to be done by a prospective entrepreneur. Finance will be discussed in terms of what should be in the business plan.

Business Plan
A business plan is a formal, written statement of the objectives of a business and how to achieve that goal. In fact, many people fail to make a business plan or a business plan when going to do business. Some people believe that is important for a business is run only. Do you agree with this statement?

According to the author’s personal opinion, I strongly disagree when doing business one of the important things is to run or just do it. But the road without a plan is an act of unjustified. Whether by creating a business plan or business plan can neither guarantee the business will be successful? Of course, there is no certainty. So why do we have … Read More

Renting a sportscar – Go or No?

sports-car Lamborghini

Everybody loves the precious supercars made by Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche or whatsoever. Not only they are good for a show, they provide loads of fun as well! Nothing´s quite like a roaring V12 Lamborghini Aventador accelerating to 300km/h with ease. Sadly most of them will also cost you a load of money. But there are more options to drive the car of your dreams these days. Besides several financing methods, you can also choose to rent a sportscar. Even though leasing a car is often connected to some negative aspects, like you don´t really own the car, there´s nothing left for you at the end of the leasing time, so it has to be a waste of money. But there are several pros too, let´s look at it from a different perspective.

1. Costs

Starting with the probably most important factor which is costs. Here are some … Read More


We just sent 3 carriers to join the Syrian situation with Russia and China including the USS Vinson USS Stennis and the USS Abraham Lincoln. This does not mean war, it’s just another step in that direction

Article by business insider:

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How To Make Bussines Card HD

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How to make free bussiness website in just 2 minutes

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old bussines card

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